WordPress, at it’s core, is a content management system. More commonly referred to as a CMS, WordPress has had it’s fair share of ups and downs. Growing from a simple blogging platform, to one of the most widely used content management systems on the web. So, why use WordPress to build websites? After all,  “that’s just a blogging platform, I’m looking for a real website…”

There are a ton of reasons WordPress has become the CMS of choice for nearly a quarter of the internet, #obv way too many to get into here. We’re going to look at the three most important things WordPress offers that make it our go-to for every web project.

1. Manage all of your content online without writing a single line of code

That sounds pretty cool, right? WordPress offers an intuitive admin panel that let’s you quickly and easily manage all of your content online. From uploading and organizing you photos, to working with familiar text formatting tools to get your website content just the way you want it. WordPress has got your back.

2. Flexibility and customization

The WordPress admin is amazingly flexible, allowing a skilled developer to create nearly anything they need. Want to add a section to easily manage a portfolio of work? Done. Need to create a simple way to create an image gallery? Yup, we got that. Not only is WordPress flexible enough to allow for massive admin overhauls, there is a huge community of developers and users out there who are constantly contributing to the WordPress eco-system. From security testing, to advanced features being packaged up into re-usable plugins, the WordPress community is an amazing group of people.

3. Massive support

Any technology product is only as good as it’s user base. And WordPress has one of the most engaged, diverse, and talented communities of any technology out there. What really sets the WordPress community apart? There’s actually two sides to this. The WordPress community it divided into two sections, admins and developers. This gives the community an amazing opportunity to see how their work is used on both sides of the code, informing some amazing improvements to the admin experience over the years. Making working with WordPress as a site owner feel less like a chore, and well…kinda fun.

With such a huge community, seemingly endless customization options, and the ability to manage your site without writing a single scrap of code makes WordPress our go-to for all things web.

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